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Double eight weddings deliver expertly planned elegant weddings, designed to exceed every couple’s expectations. We specialize in unique, first-class wedding celebrations with the essential style and taste that couples seek for their wedding day.

Our aim is to take into account every wish, moment or fantasy a bride has, to craft the charming touches that will distinguish the celebration of her dream and to transform this joyful day into an unforgettable sweet memory. With your vision and our expertise, we can help create your dream wedding. We enjoy taking the time to bond with our clients to really understand their needs and tailor a venue-specific design.

Double eight weddings earned its reputation for providing outstanding and beautiful wedding celebrations delivered with top professionalism and an original touch. Our record in this field goes to more than 1,000 weddings, creatively executed in Lebanon and across the Middle East.

We see the big picture. Our experienced staff from Beirut meticulously plans and attends to every detail and artfully prepares the evening, to be the culmination of a perfect celebration. It has proudly earned the reputation of a well-known ambassador within the wedding planning industry.

Our goal is to transform this 'one of a kind' celebration with breathtaking settings, a charming and unique touch, unconventional designs and decorations, custom-made creative ideas and meticulous implementation of all details. The sky is the limit!

We strive to make every wedding a unique experience!

Double Eight Sound & Light is one of the leading event sound and lighting providers in the MENA region. With more than twenty years of experience in the professional audio and lighting industry, double eight sound & light, is the first choice for all your events. Our services include:

Audio & visual systems: public address, live music, disco and many others. Lighting systems: architectural, theatrical, as well disco. Special effects: bubbles, smoke, dry ice, and snow. Noise control: volume limiting and sanction sound limiters.

What distinguishes us from others is the architectural and theatrical touch we add to the venue through special visual effects and acoustics.

Our aim is to expand our technical abilities in all areas of entertainment technology, ensuring the presence of qualified and experienced staff at every stage of a project from consultation and initial design to final commissioning.

By consistently creating new concepts within the company and integrating those with ideas you bring in, we can ensure that no two events will ever be the same! A great diversity of events has been covered over the years, such as huge weddings in all the Middle East since 1996, as well as significant festivals since 1998, like Abha Festival, Jeddah Festival, HalaFebrayer festival (Kuwait), Al Oughniya festival (Qatar), Shopping festival concerts (Dubai), National festival (Abu Dhabi), Janadryah Festival (MBC)…


Moreover, Double eight sound & light is one of the most versatile and well respected companies in today's concert management business, with a track record of concerts that speaks for itself: MhamadAbdo, Nancy Ajram, Elissa, RabehSakr, and RaghebAlameh (private sound engineering) along many others, in addition to all special events for rotana.


Furthermore, our experience in making high quality programs which debuted in 1994 has grown to include main programs for Rotanatv like MaaHobi and KelmetFasel, dubaitv like Taratata and SawalefnaHelwa, aboudhabitv andMtv such as Hek men Ghani, Murex D'or events, Hadith el Balad and Studio el Fan.

Double Eight Events proudly considers itself the premier booking agency, in the Mena region, to engage entertainment services of top name recording artists, musicians, entertainers, celebrities, and bands. And today, as the team forms in our new head quarter in Abu-Dhabi, Double Eight Events can proudly reveal itself to be the exclusive agents to all Rotana stars in the U.A.E.

We have longstanding relationships with many of the top artists’ management, entertainment agencies, talent agencies, booking agencies and booking agents. We provide you a full service entertainment production company with strategic partnerships with a full inventory of sound reinforcement and staging equipment. Specializing in concert tours, trade shows, corporate, and other special events, We are well known for creating events that reach their maximum potential.

For over 20 years, our production team consists of genuinely dedicated, hard working individuals. Our first priority is providing the highest level of professional service while delivering a personalized and friendly creative environment to all parties. Our team consistently reinforces and integrates excellence into every event, large and small.

Through careful planning, preparation and post-event follow, we provide successful events for the most challenging and selective of clientele, which include national and international stars.

Double eight spaces produce dynamic and engaging environments for all kinds of events. Our experts work endlessly to provide you with a comprehensive event and concert staging service for corporate, television and outdoor staging markets. Our devoted and reliable staff aspires for innovative stage designs while using the latest techniques to ensure your safety and comfort.

As leading experts, we are able to undertake more inspiring jobs and special projects requiring custom stage design. Our range of services includes building stages, platforms, small and grand stands, theatre, backstage rooms, barriers, auditoriums, casual, modern or royal tents...

With over 20 years experience within festivals and events staging industry we are proud to claim an incredibly skilled team that work together on all aspects of each project, from the custom design, to the construction and finally the supervision and a great attention to details. Every event is a masterpiece perfectly executed with excellent quality, international standards and quick delivery.

We are dedicated to being fully involved in each phase of your building project. From design planning to the final development stage, your complete satisfaction is our goal. We will complete your project in a timely manner with emphasis on quality, craftsmanship, and reliable materials. When the ground doesn’t fit you anymore, we extend your field by invading the water!

Today, all your needs are one step away!

Double Eight Tv is a Production House based in Beirut, Lebanon. It is managed since 2006 by the well-known Professional Lebanese Director Mr. Bassem Christo.

Double Eight Tv is specialized in T.V Production, Artistic Audiovisual Works, and Films.
Our team is a group of talented and experienced people in the television’s field, management and media industries. Our achievements of successful TV productions, events and artistic audiovisual works, made the company earn the confidence and success in the Arab world with the big broadcasters such as: Dubai TV, Abu Dhabi TV, MTV, Future TV, NTV, LBC, Rotana Music, MTV Arabia…

Director Bassem Christo has been in the directing field for more than 20 years & has directed several Major TV programs, concerts, festivals, music clips and films for the Arab World and else. His latest jobs were the following:
The Jordan Awards 2010
The Abu Dhabi Ferrari world Launch Show 2010
Absher- Live on MBC 2010
Doha Song Festival- 2010